The gtes

Enjoy your holiday in one of the 2 - 4 persons gtes: Le Perroquet and Le Pigeonnier or in the romantic 2 persons gypsy wagon: La Roulotte, each with its own private terrace overlooking the beautiful countryside.
Le Perroquet   Le Perroquet

Situated on the south-side of the main house, gte 'Le Perroquet', used to be 'la maison de gardien' ( the caretaker's house). The independent gte is situated on the ground floor.

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Le Pigeonnier   Le Pigeonnier

The former pigeon-tower is situated on a private location on the property and recently totally renovated into a charming independent gte with 50 sqm. over 3 levels.

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'La Roulotte'   La Roulotte

The original Romany gypsy wagon is situated on a private location in the nook of a field and is a fully self-contained accommodation.

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